Four Must Have Supplies for Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business

Owning a residential cleaning business is fairly straightforward when it comes to your supplies. A mop, broom, vacuum, steam cleaner, and cleaning solutions will handle most jobs. If you are making the transition into commercial cleaning, you may need a few more supplies at your disposal. Here are four must have commercial cleaning supplies for starting a cleaning business.

Janitor Cart

One thing that you may not have in a residential cleaning business, but will need when you go commercial, is a janitor cart. These carts can house all of your supplies in one spot making it easier to go from office to office, cubicle to cubicle, or across the building if necessary. This type of cart can hold heavier supplies such as full mop buckets to prevent hurting your back while moving them or to prevent sloshing of fluid onto carpeted areas making a larger mess for yourself.

Floor Polisher

When you go into a commercial setting, you will likely be asked to polish or wax floors. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a floor polishing device. These can be heavy, but they will allow you to clean, wax, and buff the floors in a fraction of the time and will give you a more professional finished look. Remember, if you purchase a floor polisher you will need buffing pads and replacement pads.

Shop Vacuum

There are some commercial businesses that will need larger areas, like garages, cleaned. If this is the case, you will likely want to use a shop vacuum. This will allow you to extract larger particles from the floor during cleaning, and will allow you to extract large amounts of water from the surface as well. These are a must have if you plan on handling commercial cleaning for warehouses, garages, or similar environments.

Disposable Cleaning Wipes and Rags

During a residential cleaning session, you will likely want to use reusable rags. This is an ideal option, but if you are handling larger commercial cleaning projects then taking on cleaning the reusable rags can be a huge chore. Instead, consider using disposable cleaning wipes and rags for the job. You can buy these in bulk and use them on counter tops, windows, and other surfaces. When you are done, toss them in the trash. Keep in mind, most of these options are bio-degradable and Eco-friendly.

These are just four of the must have supplies you should consider for your commercial cleaning business endeavour. For more ideas, consider the types of businesses you want to service and take that list to your local cleaning supply house for recommendations.