Why Is Pressure Washing Preferred for Residential Driveways?

In a large number of cases, access to the house from outside is provided by the residential driveway. Being that the driveway is the first feature that a homeowner's guests will interact with, it is important for it to be sparkling clean at all times.

Pressure washing is preferred to scrubbing when cleaning residential driveways, and with good reason. This article discusses a few reasons for this preference.

Pressure Washing Is Eco-Friendlier

Eco-friendliness is one of the most beneficial advantages associated with pressure washing as opposed to scrubbing of driveways. Pressure washing is good for the environment in the sense that it significantly reduces the need for using harsh chemical cleaners. This is because pressure washing largely relies on the pressure generated by the water jet to clean the driveway. Manual scrubbing is bound to use more detergent or cleaning solution than a pressure washer.

In some cases, the need for chemical cleaning agents can be eliminated completely. For example, using hot water in a pressure washer will get rid of oil and grease stains on the residential driveway even without the application of cleaning detergent.

Pressure Washing Is Cost Effective

Another reason that accounts for the preference of pressure washing over scrubbing is the cost-effective nature of the former. This cost-effectiveness is seen in a number of ways. For one, using a pressure washer to clean a driveway will take less time (and less detergent as stated above) than scrubbing the driveway from one end to the other. Because time is money, pressure washing can be correctly said to be cheaper than scrubbing. In addition to this, pressure washing is less labour intensive than the scrubbing alternative. Therefore, even if a homeowner chooses to delegate this duty to a professional cleaning service provider, he or she will pay less for labour if the provider is to pressure wash the driveway as opposed to scrubbing it.

The initial cost of hiring a pressure washer should be weighed against the benefits it provides in order to clearly see the cost-effectiveness of pressure washing.

Pressure Washers Clean Better

Machines are designed to make life easier for humans. There is no doubt that the pressure washer does a better job at cleaning the driveway than any amount of manual scrubbing. Pressure washers are able to clean driveway areas that may not be easily accessible when scrubbing. These include expansion joints and grout lines on concrete driveways and driveway edges on asphalt driveways.

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