Vital Areas to Focus on When You Hire Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Delegating cleaning to your employees may seem like a logical approach to keeping your premises spotless, but more often than not, this route is not efficient. Taking into consideration that your employees' primary focus should be on getting their work done, then it is likely that cleaning chores can quickly be overlooked. And if the employees are meticulous with the cleaning tasks, then the time taken away from their work will translate into reduced profits. The best way to combat grime and untidiness is by hiring a commercial office cleaning service. These professionals will ensure a sanitary environment that will be both appealing and free of germs. But where should they start? If you are hiring cleaning professionals for the first time, here are three vital areas that they should focus on.

The bathrooms

For a healthy workforce, you need to have hygienic restrooms. Bacteria and pathogens can easily be transferred from the doorknobs and sinks of a bathroom to keyboard and shared office equipment. With time, contagious infections can spread around your office, and you have to deal with recurring sick days being taken by your staff. When you hire a cleaning service, they will carry out thorough sanitation of toilet bowls, sinks, knobs, soap dispensers and floors. Furthermore, your cleaning service can also be tasked with the restocking of bathroom supplies such as toilet tissue and napkins at an additional fee, which eliminates the chance of running out of supplies unknowingly.

The reception

Your reception is the first contact both current and potential customers have with your offices, so you need to make the best impression possible. Cleaning professionals will keep the reception area spick and span by making sure all surfaces are dust free and carpets are vacuumed regularly. If your reception area is characterised by large windows to let in maximum light, the cleaners will also emphasise cleaning these windows to keep smudges and fingerprints from obscuring the view.

The kitchen

If you have a specific space for your employees to prepare their food, make beverages or eat their lunches, then it is imperative to keep this room clean too. Stray food particles may seem like a small issue to contend with, but this detritus will soon attract roaches and other critters into your office premises. After a short while, you will not only have grime to deal with but pests too! Thorough cleaning of communal appliances, dishes, surfaces and flooring will keep the possibility of an infestation at bay.