Got a Stained Carpet? Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services & Restore Your Carpet's Looks

The average carpet collects a lot of dirt on it. This includes, dust, soil, clothing fibers, hairs, pet fur, dust mites and pollen. All this dirt necessitates regular carpet cleaning for a safer, healthier home environment. Of all this dirt, stains are the worst. They not only add dirt to the carpet, they ruin its looks too. In addition to that, stains are stubborn and need specialized knowledge to remove.  This is why you should seek professional carpet cleaning services if you have stained your carpet. Read on to learn more.

Why should you get the stains out now?

Carpet stains affect the smell of your carpet. This will mostly depend on the type of stain you have, such as soup, wine, blood etc. Over time, the smell will ruin the air quality in your home no matter how clean your other furniture is.

Two, stains will always ruin the color of your carpet, even where you have blotted the stain and it looks as though the stain is gone. Once the stain dries, you will notice patches that show discrepancies in the carpet appearance.

Three, the longer you put off a professional carpet cleaning service, the more your stains dry and become harder to remove.

What about home remedies?

There are many home remedies out there that claim to remove stains but none is as effective as a professional carpet cleaning service. Some will actually worsen the situation.

Vacuuming, for example, can not remove stains. If anything vacuuming will dry the stains and make them even harder to remove.

Home blotting won't work either.  When your carpet stains, the liquid stain spread all over your carpet. With blotting, you only work the carpet surface. The stain still remains inside the carpet where you can't see it. In some cases, blotting will actually spread the stain even more.

How is professional carpet cleaning different?

With professional carpet cleaning, your stains are first evaluated to find the right removal solution. Different stains may sometimes need different ingredients for a removal to succeed. The stain removal detergent is then spayed over the stain. It enters the carpet, soaks the stain and breaks it up, loosening it for removal.

A hot water extraction/steam cleaning procedure is then applied. This injects steam/hot water deep into the carpet and extracts it to remove all the dirt inside the carpet. The stains are first worked on before the entire carpet is cleaned.

In the end, the process leaves your carpet clean, smelling good and looking new. Most importantly, your stubborn stains will be gone.