How mobile apps are making professional office cleaning more convenient

If your office is choking under piles of dirt, it may be time to consider a professional clean. Your in-house janitors may be doing their best to keep up, but they may not have enough supplies, expertise, or experience in office cleaning. So how can you start looking for the right service and developing a cleaning plan that works for you?

Mobile applications are the answer. Many professional cleaners now make their services easily accessible from the comfort of your smartphone, where you can create a customised cleaning plan and arrange for timely payment of services.

So how do these apps work? And how can you start using them to keep your office spick and span?

1. Schedule appointments conveniently

One of the top reasons why business owners don't keep their offices clean is because of scheduling conflicts. You may feel that you're too busy during the day to have your carpets destained or your floors polished. But rather than making you struggle with a dirty environment that may end up pushing away customers, mobile apps make scheduling for office cleaning quite convenient.

Once you identify the cleaning company of your choice, you can simply use their app to schedule for a cleaning time that works best. This may be after business hours, early in the morning, or even on the weekends (depending on the flexibility of your office cleaners).

Using a mobile app is much easier than calling the cleaner's office or sending emails back and forth. Simply open an app, specify your time of choice, and receive an instant confirmation.

2. Specify what you need using technology

Booking your office cleaning using an app is the new convenient way of keeping your workplace clean. Not only can you set dates and times using the application interface, but you can also specify the services you need.

From carpet cleaning to bathroom maintenance, you can choose what you need to have done and when. For example, you may wish to have your bathrooms cleaned right before the office opens, or the floor polished after your employees leave the premises in the evening. 

3. Rescheduling is easy

The office space is very dynamic. You may have scheduled for furniture cleaning in the afternoon, only for your evening clients to decide that they wish to pass by earlier. In such cases, rescheduling will be critical to giving your office a clean and professional look.

Mobile apps make rescheduling cleaning much easier because you can simply submit your request in the app and wait for a real-time response. Many cleaning companies also provide real-time support right within their apps, meaning that that you can call, chat or message a representative form the cleaning company from one platform.

For more information on office cleaning, contact a commercial cleaner near you.